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Le Wat Tham Phuwa

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A Chasm

This small temple-cave, beautifully decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, is long renowned as a place of retreat and meditation.
The cave, main element of the site, is formed by the collapse of the vault of a karstic cavity due to the dissolution of the limestone layers by the rainwater. The stalagmites and the stalactites are still in formation. The mouth caused by the collapse of a part of the vault provides a sweet and pleasant illumination. A small artificial waterfall decorates the main room.

Grotte - Wat Tham Phuwa - Kanchanaburi

A Neo-Khmer Style

Wat Tham Phuwa has recently been subject to a major restyling with the achievement of a neo-Khmer style facade and the erection of a giant Buddha’s statue.

Wat Tham Phuwa - Kanchanaburi

Visit Wat Tham Phuwa

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Buddha - Wat Tham Phu Wa - Kanchanaburi