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Want to discover a preserved nature? The verdant Kanchanaburi region of western Thailand offers a privileged and easily accessible environment. Safarine will share with you his passion for its wild nature and its inhabitants.

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Visit Kanchanaburi, its famous bridge, lush nature, spectacular waterfalls and sacred caves. Kanchanaburi offers vast expanses of water and rivers that allow swimming, kayaking, bamboo rafting, fishing ... And also sleeping in floating hotels. Ethical elephant camps, with Ganeshapark, Elephant’s World and Elephant Haven allow you to discover this animal in the greatest respect.

Kanchanaburi is located about 130 km west of Bangkok, near the Burma border. The city of Kanchanaburi is especially famous for its bridge: the Bridge of the Kwai River immortalized by the book of Pierre Boulle and by its cinematographic adaptation, the famous film of David Lean (1957 ).

Kanchanaburi province has remained wild. Western tourists are still rare. It is a holiday resort for Thais. They spend their weekends there. On the other hand, tourists chinese and japanese are quite numerous. Apart from the famous bridge and its railroad, the province offers a ’’ lush nature ’’, with ’’ national parks ’’ where you can stroll, spectacular waterfalls and caves. where lived men of neolithic. The site’s hydrography has favored the establishment of hydroelectric dams, creating vast expanses of water. Many rivers flow through the province. Nautical activities such as rafting, fishing, canoeing are widespread. It is even possible to sleep on floating hotels, one of the attractions of the area.

Kanchanaburi is also the city of sapphire. The mines are located north of the city. Shops and stalls offer precious stones, but watch out for cheap imitations!

Other names for Kanchanaburi

Kan, Kanburi, Changwat Kanchanaburi, Kanchana, Kanpuri [1], Mueang Kanchana Buri, Muang Kanchana Buri} } ... are other names for Kanchanaburi (city, district, province)