Safarine Tours

Private tours organizer since 1995

SAFARINE, private tours organizer since 1995 in Thailand.
Our objective : Make you discover all the richness of the Land of Smile and make you live unforgettable moments.
Come and discover Thailand differently!

The advantages of a private tour

Wang Pho - Sai Yok - Kanchanaburi

Private or à la carte tours offer the chance to experience a unique and personalized experience, but also flexible on site. Whether you want to meet the family of the guide instead of visiting a wat scheduled, or you want to sleep a little longer the next morning because you feel a little tired, if the schedule allows you will have the chance to have this flexibility on the spot. Unless you have to respect a schedule (like a flight for example), you will not have to hurry or get up at impossible hours, unless you want to. You can talk with your private guide and / or your private driver!
Our air-conditioned vehicles are comfortable and ideal for a small group of up to seven people for fabulous private tours.

An instant immersion

Amphawa floating market

You will feel immersed in the country after a few hours with a driver and a local guide, expert from Thailand (faster than reading your guide book!), And will be provided with a wealth of details about the Land of Smiles. What could be better than really letting go and being guided and carried on the spot? Without stress, while taking full advantage of the environment around you! Your local private guide and / or private driver are there not only to make you know their country and share their love and passion for it, but they are also there to facilitate your interactions with people, all safely. It’s really them who will change your trip and you will come back with your head full of meaningful memories.

An effective network

Erawan Waterfalls

Present since 1995, our tourist agency has developed its own network for several years, and has optimized private tours by offering a la carte services: you only have to choose your base tour, put options, change according to your desires and your preferences, and after it is Safarine to play!
No visitor is identical to another. And there is a lot of way to visit Thailand. Typical visits to the must-see sites, original guided tours tailored to your children, friends, business partners [1],
When you book a private tour with Safarine Tours, you plan everything with a single point of contact: the timing, places to visit, where to eat, etc. With a private guided tour, you do not lose a minute!

A professional and approved TAT guide

Prathat Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai

Discover culture and history with a friendly official [TAI (Tourism Authority of Thailand)] guide, speaking English or French. He will show you the best of each site. Always with small anecdotes and "big secrets" to discover. Meet in a mythical Wat to meet Kuan Im: the goddess of mercy. Discover the White Temple, and let the guide tell you their story and their mysteries! Discover the domestic elephants, and heal, feed these beautiful pachyderms.

Good to know


If you are interested in the particular things to do in Thailand, or if you want to see a festival, special concert or fight of muay thai [2], do not hesitate to ask us in advance . And especially, once there, do not hesitate to ask questions to your guide, if you like this or that thing, he will guide you with, possibly, the help of the network Safarine!
One of our great specialties being the tailor-made private travel organization, we propose you to build a personalized itinerary according to your interests, your desires of the moment, the type of accommodation desired, your favorite activities or to discover and this, while respecting your budget.