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Trek "Survivor" 2d / 1n

Trekking and survival in the jungle and the mountains

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With the Trek Survivor tour, you will discover the jungle and the mountains, their dangers, their natural resources and learn about the life and survival techniques of the tribes living in the mountains, learn how to recognize edible plants and how to prepare them. Live two days of an unforgettable experience.


Day 1

Chiang Mai

Survivor and discovery trek


5 hours walk in total

Start from your hotel in Chiang Mai at 7 h 30 AM.
Road to Mae Wang 1 h 30 min.
One hour trek in the bamboo forest.


The jungle is full of food. It's everywhere, but you have to choose it carefully, everything is not good to eat ... Search for bamboo and edible plants. Learning preparation techniques.

Food preparation for survival lunch.

Observation and study of flora and fauna.
Learning primitive cooking in the jungle.
Speleology and bats observation in a cave. (30 min).
One hour trek through the jungle.
Bathing and washing in a stream.
Trek to the top of the mountain (2h).
Tents installation at the top of the mountain.


The dinner will be composed using leaves, plants and herbs to cook in bamboo and banana leaves. It will be necessary to look for edible plants in the forest.

Preparation of the survival dinner.

Wildlife observation at night.
Night under the tent.

Day 2

Chiang Mai

Following the adventure in Chiang Mai...


Breakfast tea and coffee in a bamboo cup.
Trek in the jungle to a waterfall (4 hours).
Stop in a Karen village to buy drinking water.


The search for edible plants will be supplemented by wild-water fishing.

Preparation of the survival meal at the waterfall.

Lunch at the edge of the waterfall.
One hour trek through the jungle.


It is possible to take a bamboo raft ride. Contact us for any information.

Bamboo raft option.

Safarine ensures the transfer to the city of your choice in Thailand, either at the end of the tour or the day of your choice. Safarine offers a wide choice of direct or staged transfers. For any information do not hesitate to contact us.

Go back to your hotel or transfer.

Prices and terms

Price by person, minimum of 2 adults

Per person 5 900 THB

Special prices for children under 1,20 m 3000 THB

For more than 4 persons On demand

What\s includes in the price

-  Services of an English speaking guide.
-  Entrances to the activities mentioned in the program.
-  Transport during the tour.
-  Meals.
-  Water during the tour. Water, coffee and tea during meals.
-  Accommodation.
-  Insurance.
-  Booking and payment fees by Paypal

Le tarif n’inclut pas

-  French speaking translator and accompanist .
-  Optional activities.
-  Tips and gratuities.
-  And as a rule everything that is not mentioned in the previous paragraph.

What to bring

Have a sleeping bag, you can rent one for 200 THB.
It is also better to bring water, toilet paper, insect repellent, a headlamp, a knife (Swiss), walking shoes, long pants ...
Do not forget your camera, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and personal medications.

Please contact us to check availability or for any other questions.