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Trek hill tribes and elephants 2d / 1n

Encounters with hill tribes and elephants

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Go to meet the tribes of the hills and spend a moment in harmony with their way of life and nature. Walking in lush nature, rafting on bamboo rafts, meeting and getting to know elephants. A refreshing and exotic program. Two days strong in sensations!


Jour 1

Chiang Mai

Hilltribes trek and elephants



You will pass by a green countryside and amazing rice fields.

9 am. Departure by local truck to the north of Chiang Mai.


It is a colorful and exotic local market, where the local population and the hill tribes meet and negotiate their products, mainly fruits, vegetables and flowers,

Stop at Mae Malai local .


Mok Fa Waterfall is a part of the Doi Suthep Pui National Park. It is a one-level cascade standing over 60 meters tall, it is impressive even in the late dry season, and is a great place for a swim and to cool off.

Relax and swim at the Mok Fa waterfall.

Transfer in a local vehicle to the Karen village.


Our guide will show his cooking skills by preparing lunch for the group.

Lunch at the village.

Walk about 3 hours to Ban Ta Khao village.
Visit a Karen village and discover the daily life of hill tribes.
First approach of the elephants.
Learn how to feed them, get to know them, be at them side.
Swimming and brushing the elephants in the river.


There is usually a campfire with entertainment (jokes, games, funny stories) led by the guide after dinner.

Dinner at the Karen village.


The comfort is rather basic, the mattresses are not very thick, placed on the floor, the shower is traditional: a large was filled with cold water and a plastic pan, cold water obviously. This is how the Karen live in a beautiful environment.

Night in a large wooden cabin.

Jour 2

Chiang Mai

Bamboo rafting and hill village


Breakfast at the Karen village.


On a bamboo raft along the Mae Taeng River, cross many rapids for 2.5 hours (depending on the water level) to Shan Village, Ban Sop Kai.

Trek about 1 hour to the starting point of the rafting. 2 hours 30 rafting on a bamboo raft.


The Lahu and Akha are Tibetan-Burmese-speaking ethnolinguistic groups settled in Thailand since the early nineteenth century.

Visit of a village of Akha and Lahu.


The Shan etnic group, as all Tai groups, are originated from what is now Southeast China. They were undoubtedly formerly little distinguishable from Tai Dam, Lao and so on, because of a millennium of relative isolation on Burma’s Shan Plateau has led to their cultural distinctiveness. Two differing ethnologists views have says that the Shan either migrating westwards over the last thousand or so years from a common Tai staging post in Vietnam’s Dien Bien Phu region, or migrating directly southwards along the Salween Valley from today’s Yunnan province.

Lunch at Shan Village. A typical village as we would see in Burma ...

Return to your hotel in Chiang Mai. About 2 hours drive.


Safarine transfers from Chiang Mai to the city of your choice in Thailand, either at the end of the tour or the day of your choice. Safarine offers a wide choice of direct or staged transfers. For any information do not hesitate to contact us.

Return to your hotel or transfer to another city.

Prices and terms

Price by person, minimum of 2 adults

Per person Nous consulter

Special prices for children under 1,20 m Nous consulter

For more than 4 persons Nous consulter

What's included in the price :

-  Services of an English speaking guide.
-  Entrances to the activities mentioned in the program.
-  Transport during the tour.
-  Meals.
-  Water during the tour. Water, coffee and tea during meals.
-  Accommodation.
-  Insurance.
-  Booking and payment fees by Paypal

What's not included in the price

-  French speaking translator and accompanist .
-  Optional activities.
-  Tips and gratuities.
-  And as a rule everything that is not mentioned in the previous paragraph.


Options are only possible upon reservation and subject to availability.

French interpreter translator. 2 000 THB per day


Transfer Bangkok - Kanchanaburi-city : 3 200 THB. One way.
Round trip 6 000 THB. Airport supp. 300 THB.


Transfer to other destinations : On demand.