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Who are we ?

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Since 1995, Safarine Tours organises private tours, treks and kayaking trips in the Thailand.
Safarine is actively engaged in responsible and respectful tourism, respect for the nature, for the wildlife and for human beings.

David Barthez

Safarine Tours has been developed by David Barthez who was at first seduced by the tropical climate, the sunsets, the amazing colours of the water, and also by the food, simple but truly excellent, and finally, but not the least, by the welcoming people, by their smile and their festive spirit.

VTT & Cassia fistula
Golden shower tree - ต้นราดชะพรึก

It was love at first sight with this country, its nature, the people, and this is what is at the origin of the desire to propose you private trips for which you will have your own English or French speaking guide and your private vehicle. It is the best way to enjoy every moments in this wonderful region.
With the help of all the collaborators, passionate about what they are doing, Safarine is committed to make you live a unique life experience in the Thailand that you dream of…

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Why choose Safarine ?