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Jungle tour - 2d / 1n

In the forest

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Located in the Thong Pha Phum region, this extraordinary and unspoiled site is only open three months a year (March, April and May). Reservations are limited and you will certainly not encounter any crowds of tourists in the primary jungle.


Day 1

Ramble in Kanchanaburi


Start from your hotel in Kanchanaburi city .
Optional transfer from Bangkok.


Hellfire Pass is a section of the famous Death Railway where the Japanese prisoners cut a long and deep trench into a huge rock mass to allow the passage of the railway. This passage dug in the rock extends on 500 meters, on a height of 26 meters. This place was named Hellfire Pass by the prisoners, because at night, the lighting was provided by torches, which gave it an infernal and ghostly appearance. The Hellfire Pass museum displays photos, maps, models, and illustrations from the time. Information is provided about the railway and what happened in this area. The museum has a small screening room, where a short video shows some stages of the construction and where we can also hear the dialogues of several Australian prisoners of war.

Hellfire Pass. Walk on the death railway and visit the museum.

Shopping at the typical Thong Pha Phum market for evening BBQ party.
On the way to Lam Klong Ngu national park.
Lunch in local restaurant.
Discovery of the Nang Kruan Falls, four levels of falls in a deep lush jungle.
Dinner in Lam Khlong Ngu national park.
Night in Lam Khlong Ngu national park bungalow.

Day 2

Jungle trek and hot springs


Trek from 3 to 4 hours towards the Nok Nang Aen cave. (Cave of the Swallow)
Cave climbing, swimming and canyoning ...
Lunch in local restaurant.
Back to camp around 3pm.
Back to Kanchanaburi.


Hin Dad Hot Springs also known as Kui Mang Hot Springs are natural sources of hot water at around 45 - 55 ° C. They were reported to have been discovered near a freshwater stream by Japanese troops during the Second World War. However, there are references to this source for over 150 years.

Swimming and relaxation at Hindat hot springs.

Trek feasible from the age of 10. Attention, you must have a good physical condition and know how to swim!


Safarine ensures the transfer to the city of your choice in Thailand, either at the end of the tour or the day of your choice. Safarine offers a wide choice of direct or staged transfers. For any information do not hesitate to contact us.

Go back to your hotel or transfer.

Prices and terms

Price by person, minimum of 2 adults

Per person Nous consulter

Special prices for children under 1,20 m Nous consulter

For more than 4 persons Nous consulter

What's included in the price :

-  Services of an English speaking guide.
-  Entrances to the activities mentioned in the program.
-  Transport during the tour.
-  Meals.
-  Water during the tour. Water, coffee and tea during meals.
-  Accommodation.
-  Insurance.
-  Booking and payment fees by Paypal

What's not included in the price:

-  French speaking translator and accompanist .
-  Optional activities.
-  Tips and gratuities.
-  And as a rule everything that is not mentioned in the previous paragraph.


Options are only possible upon reservation and subject to availability.

French interpreter translator. 2 000 THB per day


Transfer Bangkok - Kanchanaburi-city : 3 200 THB. One way.
Round trip 6 000 THB. Airport supp. 300 THB.


Transfer to other destinations : On demand.


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